Successful Outcomes

Seeing the Humanity Behind the Accusations.

Restoring the Dignity of the Wrongfully Accused

At Airington Law, we understand that our clients come to us during some of the darkest moments of their lives. We have helped parents whose children were abducted and swept away to a foreign country, a young mother arrested for protecting herself and her children from a violent predator, a hardworking family facing deportation for unjust reasons, a young man falsely accused of rape, an individual who was the victim of an illegal search, and so much more. We never lose sight that behind each story, each testimonial, and each case – there is a human being who is deserving of dignity, respect, care, and compassion. These are some of the incredible stories of individuals and families who we have had the great honor of fighting for, and the tremendous outcomes we have been able to secure for them.

Case Results