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The United States of America is a country that was proudly founded, passionately fought for, and wholly strengthened by the millions of immigrants who came to build a better life for themselves, their families, and countless generations to come. At Airington Law, it is not just our job to provide expert representation for individuals and families facing immigration issues – it is our passion, commitment, and mission.

Protecting Families. Reuniting Loved Ones. Building Tomorrow.

Airington Law proudly serves individuals and families who have been separated at the hands of the United States immigration system. Our team works tirelessly to reunite families, provide experienced representation, and secure a strong future within the safety and promise of The United States of America. At Airington Law, we are more than an experienced team of immigration law experts, or a team of fierce and unflinching immigration lawyers – we are mothers, sisters, brothers, and friends. We treat every client as though they are part of our family, and as such, when we represent our clients in the highest courts of law – we fight as passionately and with the same dedication as we would for our own parents, children, or siblings.

Unrivaled Immigration Law Expertise and Experience

Airington Law has the vast knowledge base, track record, and fearless representation that our clients deserve. Our team of bilingual immigration lawyers and legal experts are here to help you and provide you with the quality representation you need – no matter what the circumstances.


Family Petitions

Permanent Residency (“Green Card”)

Immigration Waivers


Humanitarian/Special Immigrant Cases (VAWA, T, U, Juveniles)